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Everyone can participate

It is easy to start like registering on a SNS and you can start your side jobs in 1step. Furthermore, as the latest information gathers in each field on this platform, everyone can easily enjoy the information and interact with people around the world.


In the conventional affiliate marketing system, the approval standards were ambiguous and the details of the approvals were unclear. By using the distributed ledger technology, this platform can not only extremely shorten the time required for approval and reward payment, but also prevent injustice.


Both the sellers and the buyers are benefited on this platform. The sellers can request an affiliate of their own product and issue their own token. Buyers can find products and information they want and receive preferential treatment.

About the AGORA

What is AGORA

AGORA is an SNS platform utilizing distributed ledger system. Personal information is protected by encryption technology on the blockchain. Moreover, AGORA will make it possible to establish a rapid affiliate approval and reward payment system.



Protection of personal information by encryption technology on blockchain
Significant reduction of intermediate cost by distributed network
Rapid reward approval, reflection system
A reciprocity community in which credit is appraised
Worldwide economic zone created by the fusion of SNS and affiliation
Easy to operate and monetize using gap time
about rule

Rule of Airdrop


The cap of the total number of tokens to be distributed is 600 million.


Distribution number per person will fluctuate depends on the number of participants.


Since the token information is not disclosed, airdrop distribution will come after listing on overseas exchange.


Each person can only apply for one time. Participation of duplication and misconduct is invalid.

Rule of Distribution

5,000 participants from 1 to 5000 people per person, 5001 to 10000 people are 10000 tokens,1,000 people to 1,4999 people are 17,500 tokens, 15,000 or more and 20,000 tokens (upper limit)


Token details

Total supply: 40 billion

After listing on overseas exchange, we will issue 20 billion tokens (50% of the total issue amount) for selling at the smallest unit of Bitcoin: Satoshi. It is assumed that trading will be concluded at 1 satoshi of BTC denominated lowest price. Therefore, we do not wish for everyone's purchase at unintended prices. To prevent the buy orders at an unintended price before we entering the “sell wall” order, the token information will be kept private while we are preceding the project. After listing on overseas exchanges, when management orders are lined up on the board, we will give everyone all over the world the information on the token, simultaneously. In addition, funds raised at exchanges will be used for development and marketing expenses in the early middle term.
This proportion of tokens is defined as the cost on the development of our own blockchain and security, SNS platform. Furthermore, the development and maintenance of smartphone applications will be conducted by the engineering team. After the listing SALE, we are planning to lock up some proportion of total token supply.
To increase the recognition of AGORA project, this proportion of tokens is defined as marketing activities. In addition, after the launch of the SNS platform, we are planning various marketing activities such as commercials in order to enhance the name value.
This proportion is owned by the founding member.
Road Map




A blockchain-driven platform which fuses 1 step quick-start affiliate marketing system into cryptocurreny wallet equipped pictures/ movies posting social network service

When the expected release date of the application is decided, We will make an announcement on our official SNS account.

Our Core Team


Daichi Matsui


Takeki Itoh


Wataru Miyata




Please fill the airdrop participation form on the official HP. We will make official announce from official Discord and Twitter. Please check them out.
We are planning to list our token on overseas exchanges. We will make an official announcement after listing on a certain exchange
After listing on overseas exchanges, we are planning to issue 20 billion tokens (50% of the total issue amount) for listing sale. We will create a sell wall by arranging 15 billion sell orders at 2 satoshi. Next we will adjust the sell orders of the remaining 5 billion tokens and 15 billion tokens at 2 satoshi in response to the amout of buy orders. We will make announcements on putting sell orders, remaining tokens and the end of listing sale on the official Discord and Twitter. For details, please refer to "How to participate in the sale" in official discord.
We do not conduct ICO or pre-sale.
In the case the token name is announced in advance, it is possible to place an order ahead of the administrations after listing. Therefore, we decided to announce the token information after our sell orders are completed. This indicates that orders using BOT and purchasing at unintended prices of operation can be prevented.
AGORA is a project of an innovative social network-based platform which enables every individual to start affiliate programs in 1 step. By utilizing blockchain technology, we will bring innovation to SNS and affiliate. Please refer to our WP for details.
Affiliate marketing is a type that people can receive rewards when achievements such as purchases are confirmed while introducing advertiser's products and services.
The raised funds are defined as the development of our own blockchain and the SNS platform which are the core of AGORA project. We are also planning to utilize the the funds as listing on several overseas exchanges, marketing to improve the recognition of AGORA project.
We are preceding incorporation in Japan. We will make an official announcement when our token is listing on exchange.